Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Planning for a baby.... husband and I have been thinking about another baby eeek! We have a two year old little girl and she is a joy to our mundane lives. So many crazy thoughts are running through my mind thinking about this. I wake up with nightmares about the first month with Heather (up every 3 hours) I've gotten quite used to the whole sleep through the night thing. However as of this Sunday we have decided to officially start trying for a baby! We are excited and I shall attempt to document my entire second pregnancy here. I hope that soon I will be talking to more than just a few people. I also intend to add some crafty sewing type stuff ya know just to mix it up.

This little ditty in the picture is what I made for my newbie! I made it out of an old T-shirt and embroidered the sailboat on. I thought it was kinda cute for my very first boy clothes. Alas only time will tell if I can put these on a little one of my own.

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  1. Congrats on embarking on a family adventure! Life is definitely different with more than one. I went from one to three so I have no experience with two. Good Luck! I look forward to reading the PG Blog!